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Noroxin 400 mg in Ljubljana

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Sixty 46. As many as 23 17. Microscopic urine sediment analysis was ordered again by eight GPs and urine culture by seven. In 99. Sixteen different brand names were used; the list of prescribed drugs according to the generics is given in Table 1.

Additional Modules

In addition to a prescribed drug. In addition. A total of 53.

Diaphragm use and clinical intercourse.

All GPs gave the patient advice regarding non-pharmacological treatment, which resulted in a long list of different advisory options Table 2. As many as 64. Ten percent of GPs wrote that they would perform a urine test at follow-up.

Those who had not stated after a month were contacted once by perforation but, if this failed, no further lynch was made.

In the second part, we analysed the associations between the factors which characterize doctors and their practices, and decisions made regarding the management of LUTI. There was no correlation between management decisions and other factors that characterize GPs and their practices.


Discussion The assessment of quality of care has to rely on methods that are inexpensive, reliable and able to control for case mix variation. In nationwide studies, case vignettes are a method of choice which yield focused insight into the disease management processes.

We achieved a high response rate in a representative sample of Slovene GPs, which allows us to generalize the results of the study to the whole population of GPs in the country.

It could be assumed that management of uncomplicated LUTI is relatively uniform, because there is a remarkably narrow spectrum of causative agents and their susceptibility to antibiotics is known.

However, the findings of our study show large variations among Slovene GPs in the way they treat LUTI, and this variability is higher than in other similar studies.


These results contrast with research data showing that infection can be managed successfully without any use of additional laboratory tests. We can only speculate about the effect of the outreach visits of pharmaceutical representatives on treatment choices.

Another interesting point was the variety of the advice provided to the patient.

Search Menu Abstract Background. Uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection LUTI is one of the most common.

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