Accutane 40 mg in Chilliwack

Accutane 40 mg in Chilliwack

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Active Ingredients: Isotretinoin

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  • Function: Skin Care
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It seemed like within hours of taking my first 40 mg capsule, I was reaching for a sample-sized tube of Aquaphor ointment I had snagged from the office.

If I even lightly rubbed my face, I could expect a mini snow shower of dead skin flakes.

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Thanks, Spring Street Dermatology sample closet! Confession: I was not diligent about sunscreen. Most of my Accutane course took place over the winter, when I rarely saw the sun for more than 10 minutes.

And with a beard still in place—because shaving was out of the question—every sunscreen I tried would not absorb and seemed only to add a patchy, sticky layer of white to my beard hairs. And so, red face it was.

A few patients asked me if I had rosacea.

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This should have been expected, having talked with hundreds of Accutane patients at the practice. There should be a framed cross-stitch of this in every dermatology exam room in America.

I might market that. It could only get better, and I relaxed into that certainty, despite some rather gnarly eruptions.

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My dose had been increased to 40 mg twice a day, where I would stay for the remainder of my course. But with higher doses of Accutane comes the risk of more pronounced side effects.

Women must have two negative hives tests, taken 30 days right, before even being able to start Accutane.
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In my case, I started developing back pain. I was slow to make the association with Accutane.

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Alejandro politely dismissed my request. Most Accutane patients I have seen at Spring Street do not report muscle or joint pain during their course. If they do, it is usually mild and tolerable. But again, at 35—by now, 36—I was not a typical Accutane patient.


With my newfound arthritis, I felt a good 50 years older. I am happy to report that all of the pain began to subside in the first weeks after Accutane.

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When my mom came up to New York for a springtime visit, I looked—and felt, on an emotional level—better.

My Accutane glow was borderline radioactive, but I was visibly happier and relatively clear.

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